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When a lawsuit feels like a betrayal, we ally with you

At Cohen Law Group, we stand with California’s employers, combining rigorous legal defense with a deep understanding of your business journey. Here, your fight is personal to us. Meet Jordan Marc Cohen, the heart and legal mind behind Cohen Law Group.

Cohen Law Group Representing Employers

Our Founder’s Vision

Meet Jordan Marc Cohen, the heart and legal mind behind Cohen Law Group. With three decades of legal expertise and firsthand experience as a small business owner, Jordan understands the unique pressures that California employers face. He established Cohen Law Group to champion the rights of small to midsize businesses, offering vigorous legal defense against employee claims and lawsuits. Here, your business is defended not just by a seasoned attorney but by someone who knows the weight of your challenges.

About Jordan M. Cohen, Esq.

Dynamic, Tough, Resilient

Attorney Jordan Cohen’s dynamic approach, resilience in the face of adversity, and creative legal strategies set the standard for our firm. His ability to close deals and deliver results is matched only by his commitment to his clients and his innovative approach to legal challenges. With Jordan leading your defense, you can trust that Cohen Law Group has your back.

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Cohen Law Group against Employee Litigation
Our Mission

Your Shield Against Employee Litigation

At Cohen Law Group, our mission is clear: to provide unwavering legal representation to employers. We stand firm in the belief that small and midsize businesses are the backbone of California’s economy. When faced with the daunting prospect of employee litigation, we are the advocates who stand in your corner, ensuring that you can continue to operate and grow without fear.

Our Story

A Firm Built on Empathy and Excellence

The inception of Cohen Law Group is a story of resilience and dedication. Witnessing the devastating impact of employee lawsuits on businesses, Jordan Marc Cohen was driven to action. Our firm was born from a desire to fight for those who have invested their lives in their businesses. We exist to defend your hard work and to turn the tide in a legal landscape that often favors the employee over the employer.

Our Story of LA
Our Culture of LA

Our Culture

Cohen Law Group is more than a law firm; it’s a collective of like-minded individuals who are passionate about protecting the dreams and investments of business owners. We foster a culture of respect, creativity, and excellence. Our team members are valued, their contributions meaningful, and their dedication to our clients’ needs is unwavering.

Our Commitment

We Will Fight for Your Rights as an Employer

While no legal firm can promise a win every time, Cohen Law Group guarantees a commitment to your business like no other. Your business was built on sweat equity, financial risk, and personal sacrifice. As experienced business owners, ourselves, we understand your frustration. The sense of betrayal. And we will fight for your rights as an employer.

Our Promise to You

Empathy in Representation, Tenacity in Defense

At Cohen Law Group, you’ll find more than just legal expertise; you’ll find a partnership. We ensure that every client feels supported, understood, and vigorously defended. We don’t just fight your legal battles—we provide the peace of mind you need to focus on what you do best: running your business.

Our Promise to You
Want You With Us in California

We’re Looking Ahead — And We Want You With Us

As we look to the future, our vision is to grow and scale carefully and rapidly, becoming the go-to firm for employment issues and litigation for SMBs. We envision a vibrant culture within our firm, nurturing healthy relationships with our clients and creating an environment where every team member thrives. Join us on this journey and let Cohen Law Group be the defender of your business dreams.

Grow and Operate Your Business Without Fear of Legal Repercussions

We Bring the Fight to Them

If your business faces legal threats, don’t face them alone. Contact Cohen Law Group for a free consultation and experience the assurance of having a legal team that fights tirelessly for you.