Discrimination Defense Legal

Cohen Law Group specializes in discrimination defense for employers, offering fierce expertise in handling these unwarranted cases. With an in-depth understanding of employment law and as fellow business owners, we get it, and we will passionately fight for you and your company.


Types of Discrimination Claims We Handle

At Cohen Law Group, we have a proven track record of successfully defending against various discrimination claims, including:

  • Wrongful Termination
    Our experience includes addressing allegations of wrongful termination based on protected characteristics.
  • Harassment
    We are well-versed in handling workplace harassment claims, working tirelessly to protect our clients.
  • Accommodation Cases
    Our team ensures that employers meet their obligation to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities.
  • Retaliation Defense
    Cohen Law Group is prepared to represent clients facing retaliation claims due to their actions in asserting their rights.

Our Discrimination Defense Approach

Cohen Law Group employs a comprehensive approach to discrimination defense for employers. We begin with a thorough assessment, conducting meticulous evaluations of all available evidence to ensure a strong defense. Our team possesses specialized knowledge of employment law, guaranteeing the best possible defense tailored to the unique aspects of your case. We explore negotiation and mediation as viable options for resolving discrimination claims amicably, while our experienced litigators stand ready to represent you in court when litigation becomes necessary.



Our Goals in Discrimination Defense

Our primary objectives are to safeguard your business’s reputation from baseless claims, strive for cost-efficiency in resolving cases to reduce legal expenses, ensure compliance with relevant employment laws and regulations, and empower you to continue your business operations with minimal disruption.

Your Business Deserves The Best Defense

Discover the strategies we employ when defending employers against discrimination claims:

  • Our team meticulously collects evidence to build a robust defense.
  • We conduct in-depth legal research to analyze applicable laws and precedents.
  • When necessary, we engage expert witnesses to bolster our defense.
  • We conduct interviews to gather testimonial evidence.
  • Scrutinizing personnel records, communications, and policies to support our defense.

Our Role in Negotiation and Mediation

We emphasize the significance of negotiation and mediation in discrimination defense for employers. We actively explore settlement opportunities to resolve cases efficiently, often leading to cost-effective solutions. Our aim is to maintain positive working relationships between parties where possible.

Litigation with Cohen Law Group

In litigation, Cohen Law Group excels with experienced litigators prepared to represent you effectively in court. We diligently prepare for trial, ensuring a strong courtroom defense, and excel at presenting compelling evidence and arguments during trial.


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