Wage & Hour Disputes Defense for Employers

Handling wage and hour disputes requires a deep understanding of employment law, and we are here to guide and protect your business through these complex challenges. With a commitment to staying updated on California’s ever-evolving labor laws, we provide employers with expert counsel and representation, ensuring strict compliance with wage and hour laws.


Types of Wage & Hour Disputes

Wage and hour disputes encompass various issues, including unpaid overtime, missed meal and rest breaks, misclassification of employees, and more. In California, the labor code and regulations add an extra layer of complexity to these disputes. Cohen Law Group has extensive experience in handling these disputes under California law, providing employers with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate these intricacies.


Our Approach to Wage & Hour Disputes

Cohen Law Group employs a thorough approach to wage and hour disputes defense in compliance with California law. We start with a comprehensive assessment of the dispute, carefully evaluating all available evidence while ensuring strict adherence to California labor codes. Our dedicated legal team, well-versed in California employment law, crafts a defense strategy tailored to the specific details of each case. We explore settlement options through negotiation and mediation while also preparing for litigation when necessary, all within the framework of California labor laws.


Helping You Protect Your Reputation

Our primary goals in wage and hour disputes defense under California law are to protect our clients’ reputations, minimize legal expenses, ensure strict compliance with California labor codes, and allow businesses to continue their operations without disruption. California labor laws impose significant penalties for non-compliance, making it essential to have an experienced legal team by your side.


Our Strategies in Defense

Cohen Law Group utilizes a range of strategies to defend employers in wage and hour disputes:

  • Meticulous collection of evidence.
  • In-depth legal research to analyze applicable laws.
  • Engagement of expert witnesses when needed.
  • Conducting interviews to gather testimonial evidence.
  • Examination of personnel records, communications, and policies.

Negotiation and Mediation

We emphasize negotiation and mediation as valuable tools in wage and hour disputes, especially given the strict labor laws in California. These approaches often lead to cost-effective resolutions that maintain positive working relationships between parties while adhering to California labor codes. Our goal is to protect employers’ interests under the framework of California labor laws while finding fair and efficient solutions.


Litigation with Cohen Law Group

In litigation, Cohen Law Group excels with experienced litigators prepared to represent employers effectively in court while strictly adhering to California labor laws. We diligently prepare for trial, ensuring a strong courtroom defense. Our attorneys excel at presenting compelling evidence and arguments while taking into account California labor code requirements and precedents.


Compliance and Legal Guidance

Cohen Law Group provides employers with legal guidance to ensure strict compliance with California labor laws. Our proactive approach includes regular reviews of employment policies and practices to minimize disputes and legal risks within the confines of California labor codes.

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