Employee Severance Agreements in California

Employee severance agreements play a significant role in the employment landscape, particularly in California, where employment laws are complex and often differ from federal regulations. These agreements, legally binding contracts between employers and employees, outline the terms and conditions under which the employment relationship will end. We are here to provide you with essential insights into employee severance agreements in the state.

Employee Severance Agreement in California
Employee severance agreement services in California

Key Aspects of Employee Severance Agreements

The Role of Cohen Law Group

Cohen Law Group offers comprehensive services related to employee severance agreements in California

Drafting employee agreement services in California

Drafting Agreements

Our attorneys are skilled in creating clear, comprehensive severance agreements tailored to California’s legal requirements. We ensure that the agreement protects your rights and interests.

Review and Negotiation

For employees, we review severance agreements to ensure fairness and legality. For employers, we help create agreements that stand up to legal scrutiny while protecting your business interests.

Employee severance agreement services in California for businesses
Severance agreements and compliance in California


California’s labor laws are known for their complexity. We provide expert guidance to employers to ensure their severance agreements comply with these laws.

Dispute Resolution

In case disputes arise concerning severance agreements, our mediation and dispute resolution services can help find amicable solutions without resorting to costly litigation.

Employee dispute resolution services in California

Benefits of Choosing Cohen Law Group for California Severance Agreements

California Severance Agreement Services in LA

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Whether you’re an employer looking to draft or review severance agreements or an employee seeking guidance on the terms of such an agreement in California, Cohen Law Group is your trusted partner. Schedule a consultation with our experienced attorneys to discuss your unique situation and ensure that your interests are protected throughout the severance process.