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When We Accept Your Case, The Attack on Your Business Becomes Personal

Cohen Law Group defends SMBs against employee lawsuits in California. We do one thing, and we do it better than anyone else. As the best legal tacticians in the biz, we deliver superior results, even when the odds are stacked against you.

Legal representation for employers in Los Angeles CA
Legal Services for Hiring and Firing in Los Angeles CA
Hiring & Firing

Comprehensive Legal Guidance from Start to Finish

Bringing on new talent or making the difficult decision to let go of an employee carries significant legal implications. Cohen Law Group provides expert advice on hiring practices and termination procedures, ensuring your actions are within the bounds of California law, protecting both your business and your peace of mind.

Discrimination Legal Defense Services for businesses in LA
Discrimination Defense

Strategic Defense Against Discrimination Claims

Allegations of discrimination can tarnish your reputation and undermine your business’s integrity. Our firm stands as a bulwark, offering a formidable defense against discrimination claims. We help you navigate these sensitive issues with strategic acumen, always aiming for a resolution that upholds your company’s values and legal obligations.

Legal services for businesses in Los Angeles for Employment Contracts
Employment Contracts

Crafting Clear, Compliant Employment Agreements

Employment contracts are foundational to a clear understanding between employers and employees. We draft, review, and negotiate employment agreements that serve the interests of your business while ensuring legal compliance and clarity for all parties involved.

Wage & Hour Disputes Defense for Employers in Los Angeles CA
Wage & Hours Disputes

Resolving Disputes with Fairness and Precision

Disagreements over wages and hours worked can escalate into costly legal battles. Cohen Law Group offers seasoned insight into California’s complex wage and hour laws, providing you with robust strategies to resolve disputes fairly and efficiently.

Protecting businesses against Labor Commission Claims in CA
Labor Commission Claims

Expert Navigation Through Labor Commission Proceedings

Facing a claim before the Labor Commission can be daunting. Our experienced attorneys guide you through every step, defending your business with meticulous preparation and a deep understanding of labor laws to ensure the best possible outcome.

Employment Development Department EDD in CA
Employment Development Department (EDD)

Defending Employers in EDD Disputes

Interactions with the EDD, whether they involve audits, appeals, or claims, require a nuanced approach. Cohen Law Group represents businesses in all matters related to the EDD, deploying our expertise to protect your interests and facilitate a favorable resolution.

Employee Severance Agreements in California
Employee Severance Agreements in California

Comprehensive Employee Severance Agreements Services

Severance agreements are vital in California’s intricate employment scene, differing from federal laws. They’re binding contracts outlining employment termination terms. Cohen Law Group, specializing in California labor laws, offers crucial insights into these agreements.

Compliance Solutions for California Employers
Compliance Solutions for California Employers

Compliance Solutions Tailored to California Businesses

California employers navigate intricate and distinct employment laws. Compliance isn’t just a legal duty but a core of ethical business. Cohen Law Group grasps these challenges, providing tailored compliance solutions for California’s unique requirements.

Turn the Odds in Your Favor with Cohen Law Group.

Our niche expertise and business acumen leads to a single, inevitable result. We are the best tacticians in the industry. We deliver superior results, even against the odds.