Authored by Cohen Law Group, this article collection offers in-depth insights for navigating employment regulations. Whether you’re an employer striving for compliance or an employee seeking to understand your rights, we provide expertise and practical clarity in employment law, giving you the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions.

How A Los Angeles Harassment Lawyer Can Defend Your Business Using California’s ‘Pre-claim Mediation’
If you’re an LA business owner, there are tools at your disposal to help you...
Business Law in LA – Finding the Right Attorney for Your Needs
When dealing with complex legal matters like contracts, mergers, acquisitions, and legal disputes, having a...
The Role of Labor Law Attorneys in Los Angeles Businesses
Los Angeles’ vibrant business scene offers a wealth of opportunity, but navigating California’s intricate labor...
Unpacking California’s 2024 Employment Laws – Key Changes Employers Need to Know
The arrival of 2024 brings with it several noteworthy updates to the employment laws for...
Navigating Employment Law in Los Angeles For Employers
As an employer in the bustling city of Los Angeles, navigating the ever-evolving complexities of...
Common Misclassifications Employers Make in California
Employee classification is a critical aspect of employment in California, with significant legal and financial...
Protecting Your Business Against Wage and Hour Claims in California
Wage and hour claims are among the most common employment-related disputes in California. Employers across...
How to Respond to a Request for Personnel Records in Los Angeles
In Los Angeles, California, employers must be prepared to respond to requests for personnel records...
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