How A Los Angeles Harassment Lawyer Can Defend Your Business Using California’s ‘Pre-claim Mediation’

If you’re an LA business owner, there are tools at your disposal to help you be proactive in protecting your business against the risks.


If you’re an LA business owner, there are tools at your disposal to help you be proactive in protecting your business against the risks of workplace harassment and discrimination allegations. While navigating such claims can involve legal complexities, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) both offer a potent tool – voluntary mediation. In cases where workplace harassment is brought forward to either of these organizations, voluntary mediation may be offered, which allows you to defend your business interests while mitigating potential fallout. Let’s explore what pre-claim mediation is, how it can benefit your business, and how a skilled harassment lawyer in Los Angeles can help you through the process.

What Is A Pre-Claim Mediation Process?

The mediation process is initiated when an employee files a harassment or discrimination complaint against your LA business with either the DFEH or the EEOC. These commissions will notify you of the claim, and you’ll be given the opportunity to opt into a non-fee, voluntary mediation process. If both parties agree to this alternative dispute resolution, an impartial mediator is appointed to facilitate confidential discussions between you.

What Happens During Mediation?

  1. The Mediation Session: The mediator, the parties involved, and respective attorneys (if any), convene in a shared space. These sessions can last 4-8 hours but can be extended if progress towards resolution is promising.
  2. How It Begins: The mediator outlines the guidelines and expectations of the session and opens the floor to each side to deliver an opening statement, either through their legal counsel like a Los Angeles harassment attorney, or by directly addressing the other party themselves.
  3. Mediator’s Role: It’s the mediator’s role to ask clarifying questions to gain a deeper understanding of what transpired, including the involvement of each party, what the underlying emotions of the dispute are, and what each party hopes to achieve through mediation.
  4. Resolution: If mediation is successful, the result is a binding settlement that avoids the need for further legal action. If an impasse is reached, parties maintain their right to pursue legal action.

Insights From A Harassment Attorney in Los Angeles – How Mediation Benefits Your LA-Business

Mediation is a significant tool for Los Angeles businesses, as it offers a confidential, cost-effective, and expedited way to resolve harassment claims without the risk and expense of a full lawsuit. It also allows you to preserve your business’s reputation by shielding it from public scrutiny, minimizes disruptions to business operations, and fosters better workplace relations as it can help both parties move forward productively.

How Can A Skilled Harassment Attorney in Los Angeles Help During Mediation?

The mediation process is designed to be accessible and straightforward, but because mediation talks can get tricky, are emotionally stressful, and involve a lot of back-and-forth legal discussions, hiring a Los Angeles harassment lawyer can make a massive difference.

  • Expert Guidance – Our harassment lawyers in Los Angeles can act as an advocate on your behalf, provide you with expert legal advice throughout mediation, and help you understand your rights and the potential consequences of the allegations.
  • Negotiation Powerhouse – Our harassment attorney in Los Angeles will collaborate with you to craft a strong negotiation strategy that aligns with your business’ unique stance on the claim at hand, and the desired goal from mediation. We use our deep knowledge of California harassment law to advocate for your best interests, help gather relevant evidence to strengthen your case and equip you with effective communication techniques to ensure negotiations go smoothly.
  • Ironclad Agreements – Even after a tentative agreement is reached, the involvement of a harassment attorney in Los Angeles remains crucial, as the proposed settlement needs to be meticulously reviewed prior to acceptance. We’ll ensure it protects your business from future legal problems and potential reputational damage – no ambiguous clauses will slip past.
  • Prepared for Anything – While mediation aims for a mutually agreeable resolution, there’s the possibility of an impasse. Our Los Angeles harassment lawyers are fully prepared to pivot to litigation strategy, safeguarding your business with the strongest possible defense in court.

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